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All About Herbs and Edible Gardens - Lyngso Gardens

Date: June 16, 2018

Time: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Contact: Lyngso Garden Materials

Sponsor: Master Gardeners San Mateo/San Francisco Co.

Location: Lyngso Garden Materials, 345 Shoreway Rd., San Carlos, CA 94070

Event Details

Learn the basics of growing, harvesting and using culinary herbs and edible flowers. Propagate your plants from seeds, cuttings, transplants and divisions. Integrate your herbs and edible flowers in your native landscapes, vegetable gardens and containers. Maintain your plants with sustainable methods, and harvest your herbs to use them fresh or preserve them for future use. Have fun while sharing the many ideas for using herbs.

Presenter Master Gardener Kathy Fleming: Kathy loves creating a balance at her Peninsula home by growing culinary herbs and flowers in containers and her perennial landscape for more than 30 years. She uses the herbs and edible flowers in many recipes, either fresh and/or dried, and loves sharing them with her friends and neighbors. Kathy has been a San Mateo/San Francisco UCCE Master Gardener since 2006 and has always enjoyed speaking and sharing ideas about this passion.

Co-presenter Master Gardener Cindi Morris: Cindi’s affair with plants began when she was in the fourth grade. She used to visit Ferry Morse Seed Company where her father worked. She loved peeking into the labs and seeing all of the experiments, and the best part was picking out some seed packets to take home to grow. Cindi was always amazed that you could plant a small seed and it would grow into a wonderful flower. Over the years Cindi has continued her interest in growing plants, and today as a Master Gardener she loves assisting the home gardener with their gardens.

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