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Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco Co.

Urban Garden Walk 2014 - Featured Gardens

Gardens on the 2014 Urban Garden Walk

Tenderloin National Forest
Tenderloin National Forest
The five Tenderloin gardens featured on this year's tour showcase a variety of designs and plants.  Each has its own unique story, and is an integral part of the community.


Other Gardens

In addition to the featured gardens, the Tenderloin is home to several others. 

  • Organic Mechanics - an extraordinary urban retreat, an oasis made from a former paved parking lot behind a 1920s-vintage apartment building
  • The Hotel Mark Twain Hummingbird Garden - a nearby Organic Mechanics creation at 345 Taylor Street (where the Fish & Farm organic restaurant is located)
  • The Demonstration Gardens - an environmental literacy program between UC Hastings and the SYL Central YMCA.  With the motto "Bloom Where You Are Planted", they work with all ages and abilities.

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