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Attend our FREE workshops on UC Master Gardening topics. The classes focus on gardening through the seasons, vegetable gardening and drought tolerant gardening - plus some hands-on gardening in the nearby UC Master Gardener Demonstration Garden.

All workshops are FREE and are offered in partnership with the Redwood City Veterans Memorial Senior Center.  Registration is required.

For more information and to register for a class, please click on the class title listed above. You'll also find a description of some of our past workshops below.


Veterans Memorial Senior Center, Gold Star Room
1455 Madison Avenue, Redwood City, CA

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Past Seminars

10/01/16 - Keep Your Indoor Plants Healthy

Sometimes indoor plants do not require a lot of attention, but on occasion things get out of control, and extra care is needed. Feel free to bring your sick or well plants to this introductory hands-on class, and learn how to keep your indoor plants healthy.

Presenter UCCE Master Gardener John O’Hara:  John O'Hara rediscovered the garden due to a health challenge. John started to eat differently and so the journey began. He got his health back. At the same time, John was in career transition.

After many years of raising his family with his lovely wife Lynne, John decided to start Special Plants Special People, a Horticultural Therapy (HT) practice. John contracts with elder care communities as a garden coach and works with activity directors to provide HT programs for seniors with memory care challenges. John loves sharing his passion for plants and his love for the "chronologically gifted" among us - people who are often neglected and misunderstood.

09/17/16 - Fall & Winter Vegetable Gardening

It's time to plant your fall and winter vegetables!  In this class, you'll review how to select seeds and seedlings that are most suited to your climate and conditions. Then you'll learn how to plant seeds and seedlings, and how to nurture them to yield the most bountiful fall and winter harvests. As a bonus, you'll also gain valuable tips on water-wise irrigation, optimal site selection and non-toxic pest control.

Presenter Jonathan Propp has been a UC Master Gardener since 2008.  He grows organic fruits and vegetables in his home garden, and he has taught classes on a variety of gardening topics around the Bay Area.

08/06/16 - Succulents in the Garden and in Containers

After a brief overview of the natural history of succulents, you will learn about succulent care and culture including soils, pots, watering and light. Small succulent gardens in pots will be on display to show how arrangements can be made. Some small pots of succulents will be available as “handouts” after the talk.

Presenter Master Gardener Delle Maxwell:  Delle volunteers at the San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum and serves on their Board of Trustees. She enjoys gardening with drought-tolerant plants, especially California natives, cacti, and succulents, and her Portola Valley garden has been on the Going Native Garden Tour.

07/16/16 - How Much Water does a Tomato Really Need?

How Much Water does a Tomato Really Need?  Ten minutes?  How often? Gallons per hour?  Centum cubic feet (CCF)?  Acre feet?  This two-hour workshop will help demystify the lingo around residential irrigation using your summer vegetable garden as a case study.  You’ll learn what steps make the most difference in sticking to your water budget without sacrificing your tomatoes and other wonderful food crops.  Learn how single emitter (“spaghetti line”) drip irrigation vs. subsurface drip vs. different kinds of spray irrigation impact your water use.  Learn about controllers, smart controllers, and how they are programmed. 

Presenter Master Gardener Nancy Grove:  Nancy is a founding member of the Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco program, and an avid fruit and vegetable gardener.  Her vegetable garden is in the back yard of the home she grew up in, though irrigation practices have changed considerably since her parents gardened there.

5/07/2016 - Herbs in the Garden, Herbs in the Kitchen

Learn the basics of growing, harvesting and using culinary herbs and edible flowers. Propagate your plants from seeds, cuttings, transplants and divisions. Integrate your herbs and flowers in your landscapes, vegetable gardens, and containers. Maintain your plants with sustainable methods, and harvest to use fresh or preserve for future use. Many ideas for use will be shared.

4/02/2016 - Spring and Summer Vegetable Gardening

It’s time to plant your spring and summer vegetables. Learn about how to plant from seeds and seedlings, along with tips for irrigation, site selection, and pest control.

Speaker: Jonathan Propp has been a Master Gardener since 2008. He grows organic fruits and vegetables in a small home garden.

3/5/2016  - Prudent Winter Pruning

Winter pruning for deciduous fruit trees, also touching on grapes, cane berries and roses. Learn how to maximize tree health, fruit production and to identify dead, damaged and dying wood. The class will cover pruning technique, as well as timing, which trees when, and why we prune.


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