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Tenderloin National Forest
Tenderloin National Forest
The Urban Garden Walk is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the Tenderloin.  Collected below are several online and print-based sources covering the rich and diverse history of this unique San Francisco neighborhood.

Online Resources

Information about the Tenderloin Museum (scheduled to open in 2015)

A Huffington Post article containing old photos and history of the Tenderloin

Other links to history and information about the Tenderloin

Books and Other Resources

Sitting area in the Organic Mechanics garden
Sitting area in the Organic Mechanics garden
San Francisco Tenderloin:  True Stories of Heroes, Demons, Angels, Outcasts and a Psychotherapist
    - Lawrence Wonderling, Ph.D., 2008

Death in the Tenderloin: A Slice of Life from the Heart of San Francisco
    - Marjorie Ton Carter, 2012

The Tenderloin of San Francisco: a Community Study
    David W. Romes. 2006

Tenderloin Neighborhood Profile 2004:  Demographics, Land Use, and Economics
    - San Francisco Urban Solutions, 2004

A Portrait of the Tenderloin (Ithuriel's Spear Mystery)
    - John Goins, 2013

Not your Average American Girl
    - Christine Beatty, 2011

I Work the Tenderloin
    - Michael Steinberg, 2007

Living in the Land of the Dead:  An Anthology of the Tenderloin Prose and Poetry

Voices of Our Own:  Mothers, Daughters, and Elders of the Tenderloin Tell Their Stories
    - Nancy Deut, 2001

China Boy
    - Gus Lee, 1991

9@Night Films (Video recordings collection)
    Directed by Rob Nilss

A Brush with the Tenderloin (Video Recording)
    - Paige Bierma, 2011

Up from the Deep: The Tenderloin
    - Mark Ellinger, 2008  

Love Me Tenderloin
    Documentary Film by Henri Quenette

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