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UC Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco

The Year-Round 200 Square Foot Garden - Spring

Date: April 27, 2019

Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Contact: mgsmsf@ucanr.edu

Sponsor: Master Gardeners of San Mateo & San Francisco

Location: UC Master Gardener Garden Education Center (next to the Jockey Club)

Event Details

Description: Every gardener asks themselves, “What am I going to grow other than the standard summer tomatoes, peppers and squash?”

Don’t limit your garden beds to summer favorites. Take advantage of our mild weather and plan your garden so you can grow wonderful vegetables 12 months of the year.

In this beginning class, you will learn how to take advantage of whatever space you have by sequencing your planting with the help of a planting calendar for your area. Whether you live on the Peninsula or in San Francisco, you can bring lettuces, greens and many other home-grown treats to your table year round.

Guests will take home an edible seedling ready for their home garden, grown by UC Master Gardeners.

MG Presenter Carol O'Donnell: Carol is a long time resident of San Mateo. She became a Master Gardener Volunteer in 2006. In 2008 she lead a Tomato Trial located two blocks from the ocean on Kelly Avenue in Half Moon Bay. For 15 years, she maintained a plot at Beresford Community Garden. She also gardens at her home and particularly enjoys growing vegetables. Her motto is, “if I can’t eat it, I’m not interested."

Registration Fee:  $10.

Registration is Required: Year-Round 200 Square Foot Garden

Special Parking Instructions: To arrive at the site do not go to the Event Center pay parking off of Saratoga. Enter from S. Delaware Street going toward the Jockey Club. After you enter the parking lot, drive immediately to the right where you will see a green lawn and large eucalyptus trees on the side backing on Saratoga Avenue.  Please refer to the attached pdf of the Event Center with the GEC location marked with an X.

Event Reminder

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