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Plant Clinics

Plant clinics provide a time and place for gardeners to bring their gardening questions to us in person. Bring a plant sample sealed in a plastic bag; or photos; or just questions to our table. We have books, sometimes the internet, and experience to draw on. We have informational handouts to share. We love to help you find answers.

San Francisco - On Lok 30th Street Plant Clinic

On the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10 am to noon, Master Gardeners host an information table and plant clinic that is open to the public. The clinic is held at the 30th Street Senior Center, in the garden located off the 3rd floor. 

Plant clinics are currently not offered at this location due to COVID-19.

Green Mann and other Master Gardeners hang out in this half-acre urban oasis complete with a redwood grove, olive trees, raised vegetable beds, worm bins and beehives. We set up indoors when rain threatens. Working with a complete MG library of resources, we field gardening questions from the public; work together to identify plant samples and pest problems, and discuss how to garden in San Francisco. Because of the extensive year-round vegetable gardening at the center, we are able to showcase 15 raised beds and advise on “What to Grow” throughout the year. The garden also has areas with drought-tolerant and native plants, which are useful in assisting clients with questions about garden design and lawn replacement.

San Mateo - Arboretum Plant Clinic

The Plant Clinic is held at the San Mateo Arboretum on one Sunday each month from 11am to 2pm. It coincides with a garden lecture series and an Arboretum plant sale, maximizing Master Gardener outreach to local gardeners.

Plant clinics are currently not offered at this location due to COVID-19.

People visit our table, located in a pleasant spot beneath a rose arbor, with gardening problems, questions, and plant and bug identification. We often draw people to our table with friendly comments and questions, and this often leads to productive gardening discussions. We refer to and show ANR and other science-based publications (primarily from Sunset). We provide Pest Notes as appropriate. We also provide Helpline contact information – and refer any questions we cannot answer to the Helpline.