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Tomatoes rank as America's favorite home garden crop, and each year there are new and exciting varieties to grow.  Our Spring Garden Market is primarily focused on tomato plants, and this year we're proud to offer over 35 well-tested varieties.

No matter what your microclimate, taste preferences, and desired use, we've got cultivars that suit your needs.  Our expert Master Gardeners will help you select from classic, beefsteak, sauce / paste, and a whole rainbow of cherry tomato types.


Peppers & Eggplants

In addition to our large selection of tomato plants, we offer a wide range of pepper varieties. Top-performing standard sweet bell peppers come in vibrant red, orange, and yellow. Our many non-bell varieties range from sweet Carmen to very hot Thai and Serrano chiles. 

Many home gardeners struggle to start peppers from seed, and most nurseries don't stock many types of peppers. Visit our pepper tables and add some unique varieties  to your vegetable garden this summer.

Our eggplant selection features several varieties of classic and Asian types, as well as an All-America Selections winner, Patio Baby, which produces an abundance of charming miniature eggplants and is perfect for containers.  Choose a few varieties and enjoy them all summer -- roasted, sauteed, in baba ghanoush, and on the grill.


Back by popular demand, here's our selection of annual and perennial herbs to add fresh flavors to your cooking. We offer annuals such as dill, cilantro, and three varieties of basil you can grow right next to your tomatoes. And if you plant some perennial herbs in a permanent spot, you'll be rewarded year after year with garlic chives, rosemary, sage, oregano, and more.

Along with our herbs we offer some easy-to-grow edible flowers. Peppery nasturtiums and marigolds work triple-duty by encouraging pollinators and beneficial insects, adding vibrant hues to your garden, and punching up flavor and color when tossed in salads, floated on soups, or placed as pretty garnishes on hors d'oeuvres.

Other Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, and More!

Edible plants can fit in almost anywhere in a garden.  Try alpine strawberries in a hanging basket, or create a bean-trellis tunnel for your kids to enjoy.  And if you don't have any outdoor gardening space where you live, try our microgreens -- these are super-nutritious baby greens that can be harvested in 1-3 weeks and grown on your windowsill.

And, what summer garden would be complete without squash?  Here you'll find both summer and winter squash (including pumpkin) starts of many types.  If you've got any space left in the garden, fill it with tomatillos, sunflowers, and rudebeckia.


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