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UC Master Gardeners are volunteers trained and certified by the University of California to provide research-based information about home horticulture and pest management. They serve their communities by answering questions from the public, teaching workshops, leading plant clinics, and speaking on a variety of subjects.

Spring Edibles Plant Library

Here you'll find lists of spring-planted vegetable varieties. Browse the links below to look through vegetables and herbs by type and learn more about each unique variety. Learn more.

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    Petal Power! Punch Up Your Palate With Edible Flowers

    Flowers: they're not just for centerpieces anymore- If there's a silver lining to the Covid-19 pandemic, it's that many of us turned to cooking and gardening to cope with many more hours at home and enforced isolation. With plenty of inspiration from...

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    The Lazy Gardener: Better Plants with Less Work

    If you long for a lovely landscape and bountiful baskets of homegrown vegetables, you might be surprised to learn that doing less can actually result in a healthier, more productive garden. If this sounds too good to be true, consider this: some of...

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    Pollinators Are Unsung Heroes of Planet Earth

    What is a Pollinator? Bees are famous for spreading pollen from flower to flower but just about anything that helps distribute pollen from one plant to another can be called a “pollinator.” The list of pollinators includes wind, birds,...

Ask a Master Gardener!

Do you need help with your garden? Have a pest problem? Curious about what will grow well in your region? Send us an email and include your name, location and question with photos. 

Request a Speaker

Are you looking for a speaker for an upcoming event? UC Master Gardeners can present research-based information on a variety of topics to your organization. Learn more...