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Become a Master Gardener

Start Your Spring & Summer Vegetable Garden

Photo by Janet Gilmore
Now’s the time to start planning and seeding your spring and summer veggies. Attend one of our upcoming
Spring and Summer Vegetable Gardening classes to learn how to sow seeds and care for seedlings, when to plant and when to harvest, and how to keep life in your soil.
You can also watch a recorded video from our Spring Edible Series.

Planting Bare-Root Fruit and Nut Trees

Winter is a good time to plant bare-root fruit and nut trees. This allows their roots and shoots to develop when the weather is cool. When selecting a tree for your garden, you’ll need to consider both your climate zone (A, B, C) and microclimate conditions (wind, fog, elevation) along with the chill hours required for fruit production. See this article for details.

It's Rose Pruning Time

Rose pruning, photo by Janet Gilmore
January and February are the ideal months for pruning roses, before new growth emerges. Using clean and sharp pruners, remove dead, damaged, diseased and crossing canes, and canes thinner than a pencil. Make clean cuts slightly above a bud that points toward the outside of the plant. The amount of pruning needed will depend on the type of rose. For more on rose pruning, see these videos and these tips.

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