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The SMSF Master Gardener Endowment Fund

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."
Audrey Hepburn

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Gardeners know the importance of planning for the future. We take care of the soil, we plant seeds and we do things sustainably because we know that what we do today will make a significant difference in the years to come.

Much like what happens in the garden, the SMSF Master Gardener Endowment Fund has been established to provide for the long-term financial stability of our local Master Gardener program.

The SMSF Master Gardener Endowment Fund is a long-term investment fund, which provides annual contributions that go directly into our operating budget.

Today's tax-deductible gift will keep on giving and make a lasting impact on our future.

Your gift to the SMSF Master Gardener Endowment Fund grows each year and creates an ongoing source of income for the future, ensuring that the good work we do for the people in our communities will continue for many seasons to come.

Ways to give

Gifts can be made directly to either the SMSF Master Gardeners Endowment Fund or to the SMSF Master Gardeners General Fund.


Make a Gift

By check

Payable to UC Regents with fund designation SMSF Master Gardeners Endowment Fund. Send to:

UC Master Gardener Program
1500 Purisima Creek Road
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Deferred gifts

For deferred tax-deductible charitable contributions including stocks or appreciated assets, planned gifts and qualified retirement plans, please contact:

Leslie Parent
Program Coordinator
UC SM/SF Master Gardeners