Giving Tuesday 2023 is November 28 

Giving Tuesday, the day when people around the world are inspired to support those who make positive changes in the lives of others. This year, we are inspired to kick off our Giving Tuesday event with a heartfelt, “Thank You!” to everyone who gave generously on Giving Tuesday 2022.  Your gifts helped us fulfill our mission of educating people in our communities with science-based methods of growing healthy food, reducing the use of pesticides, conserving water and gardening sustainably. 

We’ve Been Busy! 

Over the past year, our members have logged over 14,800 volunteer hours helping people in our communities. We’ve been…

  • Solving over 1300 Helpline cases,
  • Giving 95 educational classes and workshops to the public,
  • Maintaining and improving 12 public gardens, 
  • Holding workshops for San Mateo-San Francisco school garden leaders,
  • Maintaining and monitoring Bioswales in 4 coastal locations, 
  • Staffing Education Tables at Farmers’ Markets in San Mateo-San Francisco Counties,
  • Expanding our program offerings and materials in Spanish and Chinese,
  • Partnering with growing operations throughout San Mateo and San Francisco Counties to provide fresh produce to local food banks,
  • Holding in-person Plant Clinics in four locations 

And lots more! 

Your tax deductible gift on Giving Tuesday will go directly to our San Mateo-San Francisco County Program operating budget and make it possible for us to continue providing great science-based gardening resources like these to the public. 

Make it a triple! Your tax-deductible gift goes even farther when you help us reach our goal of winning three challenge prizes of $500 each. We will be competing against all other UC Master Gardener Chapters for these challenges:

  • The most individual donations on Giving Tuesday,
  • The first single donation of $500 or more,
  • The largest amount raised on Giving Tuesday.  

Praise for our Programs:

“We wanted to share with you how incredibly impactful our partnership with the Master Gardener Program has been. Your guidance has made a huge difference in the health of our garden. Because of the MG program, we are able to make the volunteer experience a meaningful one, sharing an overall sense of the importance of land stewardship as well as specific knowledge about native species, drought, invasive species, mulching, pruning, and weeding. I have seen so many volunteers really light up with enthusiasm for gardening! We just wanted to take a minute and share how truly grateful our whole community is, and what a perfect fit this partnership has been for us.” Vicky Rideout- Founder, Tompkins Stairway Garden 

“Thank you so much for all your advice. We sowed kale, snap peas, lettuce, beans and carrots. Kids are so excited and can't wait to see the seedlings push out of the earth.” Sarah, Helpline client from Half Moon Bay 

“Wow! Thank you for your excellent and helpful reply. It’s reassuring that the tree should continue to do well.” Lynn, Helpline client from Burlingame

Please mark your calendar, spread the word to friends and neighbors and get ready to help us reach our goal on Giving Tuesday, November 28 by making a donation to San Mateo-San Francisco Master Gardeners.

How to donate: 

Click on the “Give” button on the upper right hand corner of the page to go directly to the donation site. For the designation, choose either "SMSF Master Gardener Fund" or "SMSF Master Gardener  Endowment Fund",


Scan the QR Code below

  • Click on "SMSF Master Gardener Fund"
  • Designation:
    • Choose either "SMSF Master Gardener Fund" or "SMSF Master Gardener  Endowment Fund",
giving tuesday 2023 qr code


Go to  

  • Click on "Make a gift to UC ANR"
  • Choose a county: "San Mateo-San Francisco"
  • Click on the Master Gardener logo
  • Click on "SMSF Master Gardener Fund"
  • Designation:
    • Choose either "SMSF Master Gardener Fund" or "SMSF Master Gardener Endowment Fund"

Thank you so much for your support!  We look forward to seeing you in the garden!