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Elkus Ranch Environmental Education Center

Elkus Ranch Environmental Education is located on 125 acres of coastal grassland just south of Half Moon Bay and has been providing environmental education programs to Bay Area youth since 1975. Educational programs were created specifically to connect the public to the work of the University of California and involve much more than a farm experience.

Fair Oaks Active Adult Garden Education

Master Gardeners oversee a demonstration garden that is part of the Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center in Redwood City, a facility where adults can engage in wellness and social activities. The large garden features raised vegetable beds and containers, and a composting area.

Foster City Library Habitat Garden

This area has been transformed into a new habitat garden to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and insects. The new landscape is drought tolerant and includes a water efficient surface drip system. The garden is open to the public and also serves as an educational tool for both children and adults interested in understanding how pollinators interact with plants.

Hillsborough Harvest Garden

The Hillsborough Harvest Garden is dedicated to educating and encouraging residents to grow edible plants successfully in Hillsborough’s microclimate.

The Harvest Garden hosts two-hour “workshops” on seasonal and timely topics every other Sunday from March through November Hillsborough. Residents can attend workshops to learn how to prepare and improve soil, plant, prune, maintain tools and manage pests. We teach residents how to prune fruit trees both in winter and summer; sow seeds; transplant; amend soil; sharpen tools; grow cover crops; use integrated pest management; etc.

Laurel Street Container Garden

Each of the twenty-five large planting containers located on three blocks of Laurel Street in downtown San Carlos contains a variety of plants based on a theme, such as California natives, pollinators, succulents, and drought-tolerant plants. We hope you are inspired to include some of these plants in your home garden.

San Carlos Library Herb Garden

This herb garden is a venue where we teach adults and children how to grow and care for a variety of herbs. The goal is to explore herbs by using touch, smell and taste. 

The herb garden is divided into several sections: Mediterranean, Native, Latin, Mint, and Eastern.

San Carlos Native Plant Habitat Garden

Master Gardeners have created a beautiful native habitat garden and ecosystem, designed to be low maintenance, educational, and teeming with life. The habitat and ecosystem were developed by planting a diverse community of native plants (flora) to attract fauna that all live, interact, and support each other in the environment. Native flora, mostly perennials, were chosen based on their contribution to the ecosystem by providing food for wildlife, attracting birds and other pollinators.

Veterans Memorial Senior Center Garden

The Master Gardeners plant and maintain a demonstration garden behind the Veterans Memorial Senior Center (VMSC) building. This allows us to offer hands-on demonstrations in conjunction with a speaker series, share two garden beds with special needs groups, and donate the edible produce grown at the garden to the Senior Center Chef for meals for the seniors.