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Hillsborough Harvest Garden

The Hillsborough Harvest Garden is dedicated to educating and encouraging residents to grow edible plants successfully in Hillsborough’s microclimate.

The Harvest Garden hosts two-hour “workshops” on seasonal and timely topics every other Sunday from March through November. Hillsborough residents can attend workshops to learn how to prepare and improve soil, plant, prune, maintain tools and manage pests. We teach residents how to prune fruit trees both in winter and summer; sow seeds; transplant; amend soil; sharpen tools; grow cover crops; use integrated pest management; etc.

We invite volunteers from the greater community to come and learn about organic vegetable gardening while working in the garden with Master Gardeners and other experienced Harvest Garden committee members.

The produce raised is delivered to local food banks. To date we have donated more than 10,400 pounds of fresh, organic produce. In 2018, approximately 700 volunteers worked in the garden and our workshops attracted from 25-35 volunteers.